Urban Climate Hazards Climate Change Impact Climate Disasters

Study: Four out of five cities faced 'significant climate hazards' this year

Climate impacts are a growing cause for concern for city managers worldwide, according to the CDP, an investor-backed climate disclosure group.
By James Murray for World Economic Forum on October 26, 2022
Urban Disaster Risk Extreme Weather Events Climate Hazards

Heat waves, flood, drought: Four in five of world's cities at risk, study shows

At least 70% of city populations threatened by hazards
By Dina Kartit for Reuters on October 13, 2022
Urban Urban Flooding Migrants Displacement

How frequent river flooding impacts migrants in Delhi

For those living along the floodplains of the Yamuna River, being displaced by floods has become a way of life.
From Al Jaazera on October 9, 2022
Urban Climate Crisis Climate Adaption Urban Elites

Urban elites can help push urgent climate adaptation

The urban elite are enriching urban life through private philanthropy. Enlisting them to the cause of climate might not be a silver bullet, but can lead to short-term gains in adaptation
By Mukta Naik for Hindustan Times on October 11, 2022
Urban Global Warming Climate Change Urbanisation

Cities globally warming nearly 30 per cent faster than rural areas: Study

Cities worldwide are warming by 0.5 degrees Celsius on average per decade, 29 per cent faster than in rural areas, according to a study which suggests that climate change and urban expansion are accelerating surface temperatures.
From Deccan Chronicle on October 3, 2022
Urban Groundwater Water Contamination Lead Poisoning

Express Investigation: In groundwater near a Delhi landfill, heavy metals like lead and cadmium

To be sure, groundwater collected from handpumps and the submersible pump is usually not used for drinking by residents, who instead rely on tankers or cans in the absence of regular piped water.
By Abhinaya Harigovind for The Indian Express on October 3, 2022
Urban Urbanisation Climate Change

Why the Capital of India Is Flush with Mosquitoes

City residents have long resorted to low-cost, do-it-yourself remedies that may be harmful to human health.
By Monika Mondal for undark on September 14, 2022
Urban Pollution Related Mortality Electric Vehicles Emissions Reductions

Increased E-buses in Delhi Could Reduce Pollution-Related Mortality: Study

Changing the current fleet of Delhi buses to electric buses could reduce 74.67% of the total pollutant emissions.
By Manish Kumar for The Quint on September 21, 2022
Urban Slums Urban Development Urban Design

The global effort to improve the world’s slums

One billion people around the world still live in slums, but attitudes towards these informal settlements are changing. We explore the global attempts to improve and formalise them, and the barriers that make such work so difficult
From Geographical on June 22, 2022
Urban Disaster Management Sustainable Cities Climate Resilience

Cities must focus on disaster resilient infrastructure in the era of climate change

“Currently, district or city-level disaster management departments are predominantly concerned with rescue and recovery, rather than resilience and preparedness, which is what they have to focus on,” says Jaya Dhindaw, Program Director of Integrated Urban Development, Planning and Resilience at World Resources Institute, India.
By Pragathi Ravi for Citizen Matters on September 19, 2022