Rural Climate Change Farmers Climate Disasters

Indian Farmers are Already Paying the Price for Climate Change

Early summers, heatwaves, erratic monsoons and disease combine to shrink already slim pickings, forcing many farmers to migrate even more for work.
By Bhasker Tripathi for The Morning Context on November 12, 2022
Rural Farmers Soil Degradation Conservation

Dying lands: Farmers fight to save the 'skin of the Earth'

In America's dusty Corn Belt this spring, the land was drowning. In China's Yangtze river basin, it's bone dry. Farmers in both are fighting a losing battle to save the soil that produces our food.
By Rod Nickel, Ayenat Mersie for Reuters on November 12, 2022
Rural Agroforestry Emissions Reductions Tree Plantation

How mixing farms with forests can help the UK reach net zero

From lower emissions to happier chickens, agroforestry is making a comeback as farmers benefit from adding trees to their land
By Rachel Parsons for Context on November 3, 2022
Rural Rural Workers Social Protection Workers Rights

All rural workers deserve social protection coverage: New ILO report

Social protection for rural workers “remains a dream”, according to a report launched in Geneva on Thursday by the Bureau for Workers' Activities (ACTRAV), part of the UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO).
From UN News on July 7, 2022
Rural Agriculture Biodiversity Loss Risk of Extinction

Dual Dilemma: Agriculture in India Suffering From and Contributing to Biodiversity Loss

The commercial agricultural sector has been found to be responsible for the extinction of over 86% of species; a worldwide loss of all pollinators threatens to reduce annual agricultural output by about $217 billion, according to estimates
By Monika Mandal for CarbonCopy on September 8, 2022
Rural Water Crisis Inadequate Water Access Water Security

8% rural households in India receive water only once a week, says study

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andaman and Nicobar Islands Islands, and Mizoram had over 90 percent households that receive water at least once a day, study said.
From The Economic Times on October 2, 2022
Rural Thermal Power Plants Thermal Emissions Coal Ash

Near Nagpur's Thermal Power Plants, Villagers 'Breathe and Drink Coal Ash'

A four decade long story of how villages around Nagpur's coal fired plants are facing the brunt of legacy pollution.
By Himanshi Dahiya for The Quint on September 30, 2022
Rural Renewable Energy Green Jobs Rural Employment

Decentralised renewable energy set to see increased jobs in rural India, may aid in reverse migration

The Decentralised Renewable Energy (DRE) sector in India employed 80,000 people in 2021 and these jobs are likely to increase to 89,000 by 2023, estimated a recent study by global think tank Power for All.A separate report by the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) noted that the renewable energy sector is seeing a rise in jobs globally with the majority of the jobs in China and about seven percent in India.Experts claimed that lack of women workforce in DRE, dearth of financing and training in rural areas pose threat to the growth of the sector in India.
By Manish Kumar for Mongabay on September 30, 2022
Rural River pollution Water Contamination Health Impacts

The villagers with no option but to drink toxic water

River pollution is plaguing India, and experts warn it is causing a deadly crisis that threatens the country’s health and prosperity
By Joe Wallen for The Telegraph on September 27, 2022
Rural COVID-19 Farmers Agricultural Sector

How did COVID-19 pandemic pan out for India’s farmers? Check out these 8 charts

43% respondents were ‘worried about the food’, 21% ate ‘less than usual’, 14% skipped meals completely, while 5% went ‘without eating for a whole day’
By Pulaha Roy for DownToEarth on September 21, 2022