More Financial Inclusion Digital Payments Access to Banking

India still among countries with poor access to banking: Report

More than half of population without access to banking lives in 7 developing countries: World Bank
By Madhumita Paul for DownToEarth on July 5, 2022
More Road Accidents Road Deaths Road Traffic Injuries (RTIs)

Jaipur to Dhaka–South Asia is dealing with ‘khooni sadak’. Families have a message for UN

Unless this criminal negligence is addressed and driving licenses tightened, the roads of South Asia will continue devouring precious lives.
By Shazman Shariff for ThePrint on June 17, 2022
More Sustainability Environmental Policies Environmental Impacts

Sustainability policies can worsen global inequalities. Here's what needs to change

Environmental policies in high-income counties often come at the expense of low-income countries.
More Social Media Human Trafficking Cyber Crime

Social Media And Human Trafficking: The Importance Of Digital Hygiene

Digital hygiene practices are essential to respect the privacy of adolescents and ensure a safer presence for them in social media spaces.
By Harshita Kumari for Feminism In India on June 16, 2022
More Road Safety Road Accidents Road Deaths

Safer roads, a global development challenge for all: Senior UN official

Every 24 seconds someone is killed in traffic, making safety on the world’s roads a global development challenge for all societies, especially for the most vulnerable, a senior UN official has said, ahead of the first ever High-level General Assembly Meeting on Improving Road Safety.
From UN News on June 29, 2022
More Housing Crisis Inadequate Housing Adequate Housing

The housing crisis could impact 1.6 billion people by 2025, the World Bank says.

The housing crisis could impact 1.6 billion people by 2025, the World Bank says.
By Victoria Masterson for World Economic Forum on June 16, 2022
More Food Crisis Water Crisis Floods

In Assam’s worst-hit district, floods have meant food is running out – and so is drinking water

Marooned residents of Barpeta say they have received little help from the government.
By Kazi Sharowar Hussain for on June 21, 2022
More Factory Farming Animal-borne Pandemics Infectious Diseases

Spread of ‘free-range’ farming may raise risk of animal-borne pandemics – study

If we can’t dramatically cut meat consumption then intensive ‘factory farming’ may be comparatively less risky, say authors
By John Vidal for The Guardian on June 23, 2022
More Biodiversity Framework Biodiversity Conservation Exclusion

Gender Remains Neglected At The Nairobi Session Of New Biodiversity Framework

Target 22 on integrating gender in the biodiversity framework remains a barely discussed topic, with only one contact group meeting to discuss the issue, in the fourth negotiating session in Nairobi, Kenya
By Flavia Lopes for IndiaSpend on June 27, 2022
More Drug Use Environmental Impacts Illicit Drugs Trade

UN drug report shines light on cannabis, cocaine and methamphetamine trends

Legalized cannabis use in some countries and states appears to have accelerated daily use and related health impacts, the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) revealed in a new report released on Monday.
From UN News on June 27, 2022