More Drug Abuse Alcohol Consumption Substance Abuse

13 per cent of drug abuse victims in India below 20 years, says UN official

Child trafficking, child labour and exploitation by criminals often result in poor mental and physical health of children, leading to a high risk of drug and alcohol abuse.
From The New Indian Express on November 17, 2022
More Population Growth Negative Impacts Family Planning

India faces deepening demographic divide as it prepares to overtake China as the world’s most populous country

India’s entrenched north-south divide is growing as its population changes, with serious social and political consequences
By Hannah Ellis-Petersen for The Guardian on November 14, 2022
More Climate Finance Private Investment Special Drawing Rights

How can climate finance be increased from ‘billions to trillions’?

From the moment in the early 1990s when nations began grappling with the threat posed by climate change, money has been at the heart of discussions.
By Josh Gabbatiss for Carbon Brief on November 4, 2022
More Food Waste Food Safety Food Label

What food labels can tell you about waste and safety

A new study says changing the wording about expiration dates on perishable food items - which is currently unregulated and widely variable - could help reduce food waste
From Livemint on November 6, 2022
More Food Loss Food Waste Waste Reduction

Reducing food loss: What grocery retailers and manufacturers can do

An estimated $600 billion worth of food is lost during or just after harvest.
More Food Loss Farm Stage Waste Food Wastage

Over 15% of food is lost before leaving the farm - WWF report

A new WWF report shows that 1.2 billion tonnes of food produced globally is lost before it even leaves the farm – the CAP and Farm to Fork Strategy need to ensure the EU tackles its share of the problem.
From WWF International on July 21, 2021
More Food Crisis Food Wastage Food Loss

India’s real food problem isn’t hunger but loss and wastage

Food losses can't be brought to zero; even developed nations like Ukraine experience it. But this analysis highlights a low-hanging problem and a solution to it.
By Shweta Saini, Pulkit Khatri for ThePrint on October 17, 2022
More Habitat Destruction Wildlife-Human Conflict Fatalities

In Kashmir, expanding settlements and border fences are bringing wildlife into conflict with humans

Conserving and restoring the habitats of the Himalayan region that the wild animals rely on for shelter and food are the best option.
By Aaqib Fayaz, Danish Qazi for The Third Pole on October 16, 2022
More COVID-19 Vulnerable Populations Risk

What COVID-19 taught us about risk in a complex, inter-connected world

A new UN report has shed fresh light on the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic unleashed cascading risks, particularly on vulnerable people, worldwide.
From UN News on July 2, 2022
More Road Safety Road Accidents Safety Measures

Improving road safety measures could save nearly 30,000 lives in India annually: Lancet study

This is the first study that gives country-specific estimates of the effect of addressing the four main road safety risk factors through interventions for 185 countries
From Deccan Herald on June 30, 2022