Justice Human Trafficking Agricultural Sector Forced Labour

UN expert denounces worrying prevalence of trafficking in agricultural sector

Trafficking in persons is a grave concern in the agricultural sector that affects both adults and children, resulting from high levels of informality and a lack of oversight and protection within the industry, a UN expert said today.
From UN Human Rights on June 21, 2022
Justice Queer Women with Disability Abusive Partners

Why It Is Hard For Disabled Women, Queer Persons To Leave Abusive Partners

Reema*, 32, has been married for about five years but the man she thought would be her life partner has turned out to be a stranger – he refuses to communicate with her and beats her when he is drunk.
By Geetika Mantri for BehanBox on June 16, 2022
Justice Sexual Violence Conflict War Crimes

No freedom for victims of sexual violence in conflict

Sexual violence is present wherever conflict erupts, according to the UN. Adolescent girls are particularly at risk. Survivors trudge on, though, amid a shocking increase in sexual crimes committed as weapons of war.
By Tobore Ovuorie for Deutsche Welle (DW) on June 16, 2022
Justice Slavery Refugees Human Trafficking

Slave Markets Open 24/7: Refugee Babies, Boys, Girls, Women, Men…

In addition to slave selling and buying deals in public squares, as reported time ago in ‘liberated’ Libya, a widespread exploitation of men, women, and children has been carried out for years at refugee camps worldwide.
By Baher Kamal for Inter Press Service on June 17, 2022
Justice Senior Citizens Elderly Abuse Verbal Abuse

35% senior citizens in India suffer abuse by sons, 21% by daughters-in-law, finds survey

Although 82% of India’s elderly live with their families, they are often at the receiving end of ‘verbal abuse’, ‘neglect’ & ‘physical violence’, according to HelpAge India report.
By Sukriti Vats for ThePrint on June 15, 2022
Justice Sexual Violence Conflict Sexual Assault Survivors

Sexual violence in conflict ‘terrorizes populations, destroys lives and fractures communities’

Sexual violence has become a brutal tactic of warfare and repression that “terrorizes populations, destroys lives and fractures communities,” the UN chief said on Friday.
From UN News on June 17, 2022
Justice Refugee Protection Human Rights Rights of Refugees

'India Needs A Transparent Legal Framework To Protect Refugees' Human Rights'

Many refugees have to wait years before their applications are processed by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.
By Shreehari Paliath for IndiaSpend on June 20, 2022
Justice Domestic Workers Emotional Abuse Migrant Workers

‘Just a Maid’: Report Highlights Emotional Abuse of Migrant Domestic Workers in Singapore

Workers, most of them from the Philippines, reported being subject to threats, intimidation, and invasion of privacy.
By Sebastian Strangio for The Diplomat on June 24, 2022
Justice Mining Sexual Abuse Women Workers

'Abhorrent and systemic' culture of sexual abuse in Australian mining, inquiry finds

Mining in Western Australia, a multi-billion dollar industry which helps power the nation's economy, is plagued by an "abhorrent and systemic" culture of sexual abuse, according to a parliamentary inquiry published Thursday.
By Hannah Ritchie for CNN on June 23, 2022
Justice LGBTQ Communities Legal Rights Constitutional Right

Let’s Talk Of Constitutional And Legal Rights Of The LGBTQIA+ Community In India

There are Constitutional rights and legal rights that protect the LGBTQIA+ community in India. But how effective are these in real terms?
By Aradra for Women's Web on June 29, 2022