Health Gender Inequality HIV/AIDS Gender Norms

Gender inequalities hampering global efforts to end AIDS

Inequalities will prevent the world from meeting agreed global targets on AIDS, but a “feminist route map” can get countries back on track, the UN agency leading the fight against the disease said in a report published on Tuesday.
From UN News on November 29, 2022
Health Oral Health Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs) Oral Diseases

3 Out of 4 People in Low-Income Countries Affected by Oral Diseases: WHO Report

A new WHO report says that over the last 30 years, oral diseases have increased by 1 billion globally.
By Garima Sadhwani for The Quint on November 28, 2022
Health Pharma Industry Emissions Reductions Carbon Emissions

6 ways the pharmaceutical industry can reduce its climate impact

Healthcare is responsible for 4.4% of global emissions, more per dollar of revenue than the automotive sector.
By Jayasree K. Iyer for World Economic Forum on November 25, 2022
Health Air Pollution Health Impacts Psychological Impact

Air pollution harms the brain and mental health, too – a large-scale analysis documents effects on brain regions associated with emotions

People who breathe polluted air experience changes within the brain regions that control emotions, and as a result, they may be more likely to develop anxiety and depression than those who breathe cleaner air.
By Clara G. Zundel for The Conversation on November 21, 2022
Health Mercury Exposure Gold Mining Health Hazard

U.N. report calls for the ban of mercury trade and its use in gold mining

Small-scale gold mining is the key driver of global mercury demand, according to a U.N. report on the highly toxic metal, with South America accounting for 39% of this demand.
By Peter Speetjens for Mongabay on November 24, 2022
Health Transgender Persons Sleep Disorders Youth

Transgender Youth More Likely to Have Sleep Disorders: Study

Transgender or gender non-conforming teenagers and young adults are four times more likely to have a sleep disorder as compared to cisgender youth, says a new study led by Michigan Medicine at the University of Michigan.
By Ananya Singh for The Swaddle on November 23, 2022
Health Bacterial Infection Deaths Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)

Which 5 Bacteria Are the Leading Cause of Deaths in India? Lancet Study Answers

Nearly 50% of deaths in India caused by bacterial infection were linked to just 5 drug resistant pathogens.
By Anoushka Rajesh for The Quint on November 22, 2022
Health Midwives Climate Solutions Sexual and Reproductive Health

Midwives Are an Overlooked Climate Solution

These frontline birth workers already know how to assist during floods, fires, and earthquakes. They could be doing more.
From WIRED on November 20, 2022
Health Neglected Tropical Diseases Poverty Podoconiosis

How wearing shoes could eliminate one of the world’s most neglected tropical diseases

For Damenech Dangaro, it started with itching and burning sensations along her toes when she was a child.
From The Guardian on November 17, 2022
Health Mental Health Homicide Mental Health Crisis

Mental health may be biggest factor in UK homicides, study finds

Research by London’s violence reduction unit suggests most killings could be preventable
By Vikram Dodd for The Guardian on November 14, 2022