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'Dangerous disconnect' between climate emergency and governments' inaction: UN chief

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres warned Tuesday of a "dangerous disconnect" between what scientists and citizens are demanding to curb climate change, and what governments are actually doing about it.
From CTV News on June 14, 2022
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The Most Worrisome Threat to Global Climate Action You’ve Likely Never Heard Of

How investor-friendly trade agreements might squelch government efforts to halt oil and gas expansion
By Nick Cunningham for Sierra Club on June 13, 2022
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Reducing Racial Disparities in Cancer Treatment Demands Collective Action

Racial disparities permeate U.S. health care. Cancer is no different. To help tackle this problem, new approaches to clinical trials must be implemented. But to make them scalable and sustainable, members of the health care ecosystem — both public and private entities — must work together. They can do so by adopting a proven approach: the collective impact model.
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Health Professionals glue on outside Downing Street calling for an end to fossil fuels

They call for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and licenses, in response to the recent approval of the Jackdaw gas field and the loophole in the Windfall tax which encourages more oil and gas drilling
From Extinction Rebellion on June 11, 2022
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Climate: Africa's energy future on a knife's edge

With more than half its population lacking mains electricity and still using charcoal and other damaging sources for cooking, Africa's energy future –- torn between fossil fuels and renewables—is up for grabs.
By Marlowe Hood for on June 12, 2022
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UN funds insufficient to help victims of climate disasters: Oxfam

UN humanitarian aid appeals increased 819% in 20 years
By Seema Prasad for DownToEarth on June 10, 2022
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African researchers lead campaign for equity in global collaborations

Cape Town statement on research partnerships between the global north and south will highlight unethical practices and offer advice to scientists.
By Holly Else for on June 10, 2022
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Internationalist Solidarity and Support for the Defenders Disappeared in Vale do Javari, Brazil

Friends of the Earth International expresses its concern, indignation and condemnation at the disappearance of Brazilian indigenist activist Bruno Araújo Pereira and Dom Phillips, a British journalist and contributor to The Guardian newspaper.
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Climate change is all about power. You have more than you think.

Think less like a consumer and more like an activist.
By Rebecca Leber for Vox on June 9, 2022
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Building Radical Consensus

Great outcomes can come even when people have very different values and politics if they work together in a principled and collaborative way—not one side trying to educate or change the other but co-designing what change looks like and how they will each play their part to deliver it.
By Diana Pound for Resilience on June 9, 2022