Equality Waste Management Gender Inequality Waste Sector

Why gender dynamics matter in waste management

As the global population approaches 8 billion next month and resource use intensifies, so does global waste. Estimates suggest that by 2025, the world’s cities will produce 2.2 billion tonnes of waste every year, more than three times the amount produced in 2009.
From UNEP on October 13, 2022
Equality Gender Pay Gap Gender Inequality Income Inequalities

Gender pay gap increasing by £2.33 a month - with women taking home £560 less than men

New figures released by women’s rights charity the Fawcett Society to mark Equal Pay Day today shows that the shameful difference in after-tax earnings is up from £536 a month last year to £564 now
By Nigel Nelson for Mirror on November 20, 2022
Equality Persons With Disability Food Security Inequality In Food Access

The food-related challenges faced by people with disabilities

Looking closely at disabled people's experiences of procuring, preparing, and consuming food reveals what's missing from the macro debates on food security in India.
By Amiya Chaudhuri for India Development Review on November 11, 2022
Equality Persons With Disability Armed Conflict Rights Violations

‘Nothing about us without us’: including civilians with disabilities in the aftermath

Civilians with disabilities face myriad challenges during and after armed conflict, which reflect physical, communicational, attitudinal, and institutional barriers in their surroundings. P
By Victoria Riello for ICRC on November 15, 2022
Equality Energy Transition Gender Equality Economic Benefit

Closing the gender gap in clean energy transitions

Engaging women across diverse sectors and roles can help ensure expansion of developing countries’ GDP
By Maitreyi Karthik for DownToEarth on November 14, 2022
Equality Health Inequalities Gender Based Discrimination Stigma

Non-binary people face bias from doctors, says study

It is not just the non-binary who face social stigma and discrimination.
By Kavita Bajeli-Datt for The New Indian Express on November 12, 2022
Equality Technology Industry Sexism Gender Based Discrimination

The enduring sexism of India’s tech industry

Tech helped more Indian women join the workforce, but they’re still fighting to be treated equally.
By Raksha Kumar for Rest of World on November 1, 2022
Equality Wealth Inequality Gender Inequality Economic Inequality

Women attain just 74% of men’s wealth at retirement; gender wealth gap in APAC largest in India at 64%: report

Women attain just 74% of men’s wealth at retirement; in APAC, gender wealth gap largest in India at 64%: WTW Global Gender Wealth Equity report
By Sreeradha Basu for The Economic Times on November 3, 2022
Equality Food Insecurity Energy Crisis Access to Electricity Supply

Countries in quest to prove might, others may pay for it by living without food, electricity: Report

There are three major factors behind the developments - the Covid-19 pandemic, inflation and the energy crisis, a report by the International Energy Agency (IEA) noted.
From India Today on November 8, 2022
Equality Leprosy Persons With Disability Exclusion

Persons affected by leprosy excluded from conversations around disability: rights expert

People affected by leprosy should be fully recognized as persons with disabilities, both at the national and global levels, a UN independent human rights expert said on Friday.
From UN News on November 4, 2022