Environment Floods Urbanization Economic Impacts

Flood risk rises in Asia as cities grow, land sinks

Water hazards affect one-third of region's population
By Kosuke Inoue for Nikkei Asia on November 27, 2022
Environment Coastal Communities Paper Mills Pollution

In Coastal Communities, the Toxic Legacy of Pulp and Paper Mills

In Canada and elsewhere, decades of balancing good-paying mill jobs with environmental protection comes at a cost.
By Larry Pynn for undark on November 28, 2022
Environment Electric Vehicles Environmental Impacts Environmental Degradation

The dirty road to clean energy: how China’s electric vehicle boom is ravaging the environment

In neighboring Indonesia, nickel extraction is causing environmental and social devastation
By Antonia Timmerman for Rest of World on November 28, 2022
Environment Climate Disasters Climate Action Climate Change Mitigation

‘We need to match frequency and intensity of climate disasters with bold, collective action’

Mitigation, rehabilitation efforts inadequate; Loss of access to resources not compensated
By Debabrat Patra for DownToEarth on November 25, 2022
Environment E-Waste E-Waste Recycling Waste Generation

How disposable tech is feeding an e-waste crisis

As humanity’s desire for new technology grows, so do the mountains of potentially toxic electronic waste.
From UNEP on November 21, 2022
Environment E-Waste Hazardous Substances E-Waste Recycling

E-Waste 101: Everything You Need to Know

E-waste is the fastest-growing waste stream in the world; between 50 and 60 million tons are produced every year.
By Linnea Harris for EcoWatch on November 25, 2022
Environment Black Friday Environmental Impacts Consumerism

The environmental impact of Black Friday

It's that time of year again: the pre-Christmas consumer frenzy also known as Black Friday. During the biggest shopping event of the year, retailers slash their prices. But what does that mean for the environment?
By Anne-Sophie Brändlin for Deutsche Welle (DW) on November 24, 2022
Environment Consumerism Environmental Degradation Greenhouse Gas Emission

Black Friday: My nightmare for the planet

Consumerism is particularly bad in large commercialised cities, with their sprawling shopping malls, and high street shops – and the inevitable piles of discarded cardboard delivery boxes lining nearly every street.
By Alessandro Saccoccio for Greenpeace on November 25, 2022
Environment Fast Fashion Environmental Impacts Planetary Crisis

The environmental costs of fast fashion

New season, new styles, buy more, buy cheap, move on, throw away: the pollution, waste, and emissions of fast fashion are fueling the triple planetary crisis.
From UNEP on November 24, 2022
Environment Cigarettes Plastic Pollution Single-Use Plastic

Cigarettes = Plastics

The most littered single-use plastic on Earth
From STOP on November 25, 2022