Economy Gig Economy Fuel Prices Inflation

Gig economy workers hit by high fuel prices and layoffs

High fuel prices, income cuts, and a global economic slowdown have put gig workers in a precarious position
Economy Poor People Inflation Inequalities

Upsurge affects poor the most, govt must retool policy to ensure that inequalities do not deepen

Christophe Jaffrelot and Trishali Chauhan write: Inflation is here to stay because it has much to do with the decline in value of the rupee that has fallen to its lowest, which makes imports of oil and gas more expensive.
Economy Forests Climate Crisis Reforestation

Forests Are Key to Combating India’s Climate Crisis. Here’s How Local Communities Are Regrowing Them.

Jawhar is but a small, brown blip amidst 97 million hectares of similarly barren land.
By Jahnavi Jethmalani for The Swaddle on June 23, 2022
Economy Biodiversity Loss Developing Countries Borrowing

Worldwide biodiversity loss may push developing nations into default, says research

A 'partial ecosystems collapse' would increase annual borrowing costs for 26 nations including the US by $53 billion and trigger massive downgrades for India and China.
By Philip Aldrick for ThePrint on June 23, 2022
Economy Debt Borrowing Public Spending

What does ‘global debt’ mean and how high is it now?

Global debt passed $300 trillion in 2021, the Institute of International Finance says.
Economy Inflation Food Security Food Protectionism

Global food protectionism trend may aggravate inflation

Export restrictions harm importing countries and farmers in the producing nations by denying them a market.
By Low De Wei for ThePrint on May 25, 2022
Economy Retirees Cost of Living Savings

India’s Retirees Tap Savings, Eat Less as Living Costs Soar

India's gross savings rate is estimated to have fallen to below 30% of GDP in the fiscal year ended March, from over 32% before the pandemic.
By Manoj Kumar for Reuters on May 25, 2022
Economy Billionaire Wealth Inequality Extreme Poverty

The pandemic created a new billionaire every 30 hours

In early 2020, the world counted 2,095 billionaires. Today—two years, half-a-billion covid cases, and at least 6 million covid deaths later—there are 2,668.
By Annalisa Merelli for Quartz on May 24, 2022
Economy Poor Countries Public Spending Debt

Poor countries forced to cut public spending to pay debts, campaigners say

Debt Justice calls on UK to use power to make private lenders take part in effective relief scheme
By Larry Elliott for The Guardian on June 12, 2022
Economy Workers Working Hours Labour Laws

64% of service sector workers report having unpredictable schedules—and it impacts more than pay

When it comes to precarious schedules, workers in these fields experience an array of offenses.
By Gili Malinsky for CNBC Make It on June 13, 2022