Economy Extreme Weather Events Economic Impacts Economic Loss

Extreme weather hits economies, hurts Asia most: WMO report

Loss due to landslides increased by 147% compared to average in the past 20 years
By Kiran Pandey for DownToEarth on November 15, 2022
Economy Unorganised Sector Marginalization Economic Slowdown

India's Unorganised Sector Is Being Engulfed, Further Marginalised

The organised sector must consider how much can the unorganised sector be run down without hurting its own interest.
By Arun Kumar for The Wire on November 18, 2022
Economy Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Economic Impacts Gross Domestic Product

Antimicrobial Resistance will reduce global annual GDP by 3.8 pc by 2050: WHO

Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) will reduce global annual GDP by 3.8% by 2050, the World Health Organisation (WHO) said on Friday and added that it could push 24 million more people into extreme poverty.
From ThePrint on November 18, 2022
Economy MGNREGA Safety Nets Rural Employment

COVID-19 underscores MGNREGA’s role as a safety net

A study finds that while MGNREGA had a positive impact on the lives of the poor during COVID-19, there is an imminent need to expand its budget, increase accountability, and make timely wage payments.
Economy Unemployment Energy Transition Legal Frameworks

India needs legal framework for closing mines and power plants

Over the next few years, India is going to decommission thermal power plants and dispose of coal mines on a large scale.
By Kundan Pandey for Mongabay on October 25, 2022
Economy Bankruptcy Debt Inflation

‘More than 50 poor countries in danger of bankruptcy ’ says UN official

Developing countries falling into default would be catastrophic and delay climate action, UN development chief warns
By Fiona Harvey for The Guardian on November 10, 2022
Economy Climate Change Climate Change Impact Economic Impacts

Africa will lose 64% of GDP to climate change by 2100

If nothing is done, Africa’s economic growth will be stunted by climate shocks, creating a poverty trap for millions of citizens.
By Faustine Ngila for Quartz on November 10, 2022
Economy Climate Crisis Economic Impacts Fossil Fuels

Climate crisis will have huge impact on Africa’s economies, study says

As Cop27 discusses climate finance, report says continent’s GDP growth could fall by two-thirds this century
By Nina Lakhani for The Guardian on November 9, 2022
Economy Economic Slowdown Inflation Debt

The whole world is facing a debt crisis – but richer countries can afford to stop it

Economic slowdowns and rising inflation have increased demands on spending, making it almost impossible for many governments to pay back the money they owe.
By Patrick E. Shea for The Conversation on October 26, 2022
Economy Heatwaves Economic Impacts Man-Made Disasters

Climate crisis study finds heatwaves have cost global economy $16tn

Researchers examining data going back to 1990s find global south has borne brunt despite causing least emissions
By Sofia Quaglia for The Guardian on October 28, 2022