Children School Closure Education Enrollment In Schools

India’s mass closure of schools is leaving lakhs of students stranded

In many remote areas, students have few options other than single-teacher schools in their villages. These are the very schools the government has targeted.
Children Mental Health Marginalised Children COVID-19

Covid spiked mental health issues in marginalised kids in India: Report

While the Covid-19 pandemic was hard for all, children belonging to the most marginalised section in India were the worst affected as it led to their increased isolation, affecting their mental health
By IANS for Business Standard on June 28, 2022
Children Climate Crisis Starvation Droughts

‘We just pray for rain’: Niger is in the eye of the climate crisis – and children are starving

Aguié’s clinic is full of malnourished children, with more dying in villages, as the global food crisis worsens years of drought
By Fred Harter in Aguié for The Guardian on June 20, 2022
Children Educational Support Education Adolescents

222 million crisis-hit children currently require educational support

A shocking new UN report released on Tuesday indicates that the number of crisis-impacted school-aged children requiring educational support has grown from an estimated 75 million in 2016, to 222 million today.
From UN News on June 21, 2022
Children LGBTQ Communities Mental Health Support Mental Health

How to support your LGBTQ child's mental health

When Justine Larson's son came out as transgender at age 11, she didn't know how to react. Despite being supportive of LGBTQ communities, Larson struggled to accept that her child, assigned female at birth, would have a different life than she imagined.
By Rachel Fadem for CNN on June 29, 2022
Children Access To Nutritious Food Aadhaar Right to Food

Millions Of Children Will Soon Need Aadhaar IDs To Access Their Right To A Nutritious Meal

A union government decision to cut funding to states that do not ensure children and mothers getting free food have Aadhaar IDs could cause millions of poor families to lose key sources of nutrition.
By Tapasya for Article 14 on June 30, 2022
Children Air Pollution Child Health Health Impacts

The Endless Battles of Children with Breathing Difficulties in Bengaluru

Most often, the conversation on air pollution in India revolves around visibly polluted cities such as Delhi NCR.
By Divina Ann Philipose for The Bastion on May 23, 2022
Children Child Marriage Child Trafficking Human Rights Violations

Child marriage: Some girls still being sold for cows in South Sudan, as country fights practice said to breach human rights

An activist says the younger a girl marries, the more cattle her family can get in return. It is driven by poverty as the families sell their daughters so that they get something to survive.
By Philip Whiteside for Sky news on June 22, 2022
Children Rohingya Refugees Refugee Children Refugee Crisis

Rohingya Refugee Children Face Uncertainty in India

In refugee camps in Jammu, children avoid going out to study or play as they fear being attacked by right-wing groups or detained by police.
By Mehran Bhat for The Diplomat on June 28, 2022
Children Children in Conflict Zones Children’s Rights Violations Violations against Children

Staggering scale of grave violations against children in conflict revealed in new UNICEF analysis

Between 2016 and 2020, average of 71 verified grave violations against children every day.
From UNICEF on June 27, 2022