Events Coal Plants Just Transition Coal Transition

Report Release & Discussion Meeting on Legal Assessment for a Just Transition of Coal Power Plants in India

iFOREST’s upcoming research “A just decommissioning of coal-based power plants in India – Legal and regulatory review” indicates that there are no clear laws to address issues pertaining to coal power plant decommissioning. iFOREST invites you all to this webinar, where our recent research report on this issue will be released, and these issues will be deliberated among a select group of experts.
Event from iFOREST • October 12, 2022
Events Water Resources Management Youth Participation COP27

WMO HydroHub Youth Symposium

The WMO HydroHub Youth Symposium aims at raising awareness among the young generation on (1) Sustainable water resources management; (2) Water monitoring; (3) Crowdsourcing and career perspectives in the field of water. The Youth Symposium also aims at guiding and preparing young people for their participation in COP27, the Groundwater Summit 2022 and the UN 2023 Water Conference.
Event from World Meteorological Organization • October 12, 2022
Events Small to Medium-Size Enterprises Sustainable Cities Climate Crisis

Cities on the Frontline: Small Businesses for Urban Resilence

SMEs are essential drivers of economic & social well-being in cities. Strengthening SMEs to cope with the climate crisis and the knock-on effects of Covid-19 is crucial to building a resilient future.
Event from Resilient Cities Network • October 13, 2022
Events Lead Poisoning Lead Exposure Health Hazard

Seminar on Understanding Lead Poisoning Prevalence in India

The Seminar will bring together stakeholders to highlight the issue of global lead poisoning.
Event from TERI • October 11, 2022
Events Climate Change Conflict Climate Change Impact

Berlin Climate and Security Conference 2022

This year’s BCSC is entitled Climate – Conflict – Clash of Crises: Weathering the Risks. BCSC 2022 will address climate impacts on peace and stability, and its interlinkages with current global challenges such as the COVID-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and the looming food crisis. The conference will focus on advancing inter alia locally informed-action in response to these multiple global crises.
Event from Climate Diplomacy • October 11 – 20, 2022
Events Food Crisis Food Security Sustainable Agriculture

Responding to the food crisis: 3 pioneering examples of building resilience through diversity

The Food Crisis is devastating. But pioneering governments are responding in innovative ways to build resilience for the future. Hear from them at the 50th Session of the Committee on World Food Security webinar
Event from FAO • October 11, 2022
Events Single-Use Plastic Environment Conservation Responsible Consumption

In the Bag: A Free Webinar for Dry Cleaners Who Want to Reduce Single-Use Poly

Learn how your dry cleaning business can Cut costs and boost revenue, attract new customers and help protect the planet all by reducing single-use poly and other single-use plastics in your operations.
Event from Beyond Plastics • October 12, 2022
Events Climate Change COP27 Climate Pledges

Climate change 2022

What are the pathways to a climate-resilient future? Connect with senior business leaders, sustainability professionals and the investment community ahead of COP27.
Event from Chatham House • October 4 – 5, 2022
Events Agri-Food System Food Security Climate Change Mitigation

World Food Forum 2022

The WFF will comprise the WFF Global Youth Forum, the FAO Science and Innovation Forum and the FAO Hand-in-Hand Investment Forum. These three interlinked fora will advance bold and actionable solutions to catalyze the transformation of our agrifood systems, highlighting the importance of the next generation and its ingenuity in science, technology and innovation in dialogue with current thought leaders and scientific experts.
Event from FAO • October 17 – 21, 2022
Events Climate Change Biodiversity Loss Pollution

“The Triple Planetary Crisis: From Issues to Action”, a Conversation with Inger Andersen

Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme will join UNU Rector David Malone to discuss the triple planetary crisis (climate change, nature and biodiversity loss, and pollution and waste), its most critical issues, and its impacts in Japan. The conversation will highlight the promising policy mechanisms and solutions taking shape to confront the crisis at international, regional, and national levels.
Event from UN University • October 4, 2022